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We offer construction management services for all phases of the project, such as design development, preparation for construction, pre-construction, construction, and commissioning. Our commitment to our clients is to take a CAPEX, infrastructure, or real estate project from an efficient takeoff to a safe landing. We are able to capacitate our client and make recommendations on how to avoid undesirable risks that the project will encounter. Throughout the entire project, we integrate all stakeholders as the owner's team, designers, contractors, vendors, subcontractors, among others, into a professional CPM agenda, flowing the communication and leading the project to a successful completion.

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Semiconductor wafer manufacturing plants are very complex projects to be built. The focal point is cleanroom, which has multi-disciplined support mechanisms, such as anti-vibration structures, continuous air flow for cleanliness with high-efficiency and ultra-low air filter units (HEPA/ ULPA) to minimize contamination with sophisticated HVAC systems. Also, included in this plant are ultra-pure gases, ultra-pure water, waste water treatment, uninterruptable power generation for some process tools, just to mention a few. Robinson performed excellent construction project management for the CEITEC campus guaranteeing it as a world class project. He assured that the project was completed on schedule, on budget, meeting the design specifications. 


Construction Project Manager Expert

CPM C&E are services provided through consultant engineer and associates, a professional construction project manager with solid knowledge and practical experience in more than 35 construction projects, with a total value of more than 400 million dollars and more than 600 thousand m² -m (6.5 million square feet), successfully delivered in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential segments.


With articles published in the Project Management Network (PMI), works on lean construction and Risk Management this consulting is also a channel for Construction Project Management and Civil Engineering Education.

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