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In the last years, the PV Solar Farms construction projects have reached 500 MWp. As the Watts increase, the risks and complexity increase as well. The PVSF feasibility study phase requires a great deal of negotiation with local jurisdictions, utility companies, governing agencies for permits and electrical Interconnection Agreements. In the preconstruction phase, the CPM deals with the solar PV modular and inverters choice, electrical SLD, array layout, groundwork for interconnection, civil works optimization such as earthworks, drainage, roads, eventual slope retention, mounting systems, equipment pad locations, sub-stations, underground conductor sizes to mention some. The procurement, logistic and human resources management need to be properly performed to start the next phase. The Construction phase is a challenge since most of the projects is in remote locations increasing the risks of costs overrun and time management. The Commissioning phase also has an exhaustive process of checks from the strings, to the inverters and to the substation in the sub-phase 1. Then in the sub-phase 2, the checks will to connect to the grid. With increment of complexity is advisable to map all likely events to avoid the project risks.

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